Thursday 23 February 2023

Handy videoscope series is versatile.

Flexible videoscope form factor enables non-destructive inspections in difficult and dangerous-to-access areas while providing high image quality and reporting.

The newest and most powerful of Teledyne FLIR'sExtech videoscope series, the Extech HDV700 is now available. This High-Performance Videoscope brings to market the most versatile device in its class to support automotive, building inspection, plumbing, manufacturing, and HVAC personnel with unmatched camera probe options for inspecting difficult-to-reach areas in order to quickly find problems and start repairs.

With a selection of eight easily-maneuverable, narrow, and waterproof (IP67) probes, professionals can inspect without expensive and time-consuming disassembly of machines, pipes, air ducts, and more, thanks to the various fixed and articulating probe options.

“Across condition monitoring use cases, technicians need to perform inspections in hard-to-reach and often dangerous spaces, whether that’s a vehicle, building envelope, or piping,” said Rob Milner, business development director, Teledyne FLIR. “With the new Extech HDV700, professionals have access to videoscope kits with clearer, brighter, and superior image quality from the wide field of view (FOV) lens. Inspections are now made faster, safer, and more cost-efficient.”

Inspect Efficiently with Improved Imagery and Reporting Capabilities.

Weighing only 705g, the HDV700 makes for comfortable, single-handed inspection via the color capacitive touch screen that is functional while wearing utility gloves. Its image quality also plays into inspection efficiency – the 1280 ×720 high-definition probe option combined with the wide FOV lens makes for effective inspection in the most difficult locations. Adding to inspection ease, the side-by-side live on-screen comparison makes for quick and easy reference image checks throughout. If an inspector is wondering whether a borehole is clean or not in comparison to their reference image, there’s no second guessing with the split-screen feature. Further, the HDMI video output allows the live footage to be shared on a separate device for an additional inspector to monitor.

The HDV700 also features multiple data recording options, making it simple to create reports anywhere by easily transferring imagery and videos to another device.

Each kit is complete with a HDV700 Videoscope Screen; camera probe (model dependent on kit ordered); 32 GB Micro SD card; USB-A to USB-C cable; HDMI Type A to Type D cable; Li-ion rechargeable battery (built-in); and universal adapter. Probe options include general purpose, dual view inspection, two-way 180° articulation, four-way 110° articulation, and pipe inspection options.

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