Tuesday 21 February 2023

NTC thermistor designed for rapid response.

A new NTC thermistor aimed at mid-range temperature measurement where high accuracy and fast response times are critical has been launched by Variohm Eurosensor. The competitively priced ENTC-MTP-65-10k3977-02 features a resistance tolerance of ± 0.2°C over a zero to 70°C temperature range that will suit many areas of medical, industrial, and environmental control and monitoring.
The thermistor’s 1.1 mm diameter x 5 mm long tube design, encapsulated in black STYCAST 2850FT thermally conductive epoxy, provides maximum moisture protection and excellent thermal transfer for a response time of 0.5s in liquids - and its diminutive tip size allows straightforward integration in measurement instruments and equipment.

With a 10 kΩ no-load resistance at +25°C the ENTC-MTP-65-10k3977-02 has a full operating range of -40 °C to +125 °C and a Beta Value 25/85 constant of 3977K ± 1%. Further reinforcing its application durability, the thermistor has 60 mm long PVDF insulated 30 AWG silver plated copper leadwires that can be optionally specified to suit customer requirements. A datasheet with a resistance vs. temperature table and full specifications is available for download from the Variohm EuroSensor website.

The ENTC-MTP-65-10k3977-02 is part of an expanding range of temperature sensing components manufactured by Variohm EuroSensor. Other types of temperature devices available include specialist temperature probes adapted as components such as ring terminals, hex bolts, and other tubular probes for direct mounting on customers equipment. The comprehensive range also includes temperature transducers, and space qualified thermistors, temperature switches, thermocouples, infrared sensors and more.

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