Tuesday 7 February 2023

Attending to process health.

Seeq Corporation announced the Seeq Process Health Solution for advanced process monitoring and diagnostics at the 2023 ARC Industry Forum*, an annual manufacturing conference focused on the acceleration of digitalization, sustainability, and energy transition initiatives. This innovative solution leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to address high value, complex process manufacturing challenges related to production, quality and optimization.

As the process industries continue to invest in digital transformation initiatives to increase profitability and sustainability, the demand for easy-to-use solutions that rapidly derive value from time series data grows in parallel. The Seeq Process Health Solution leverages advanced analytics enhanced by new machine learning technology, to fulfill these demands. The new solution, which includes Seeq ML, a no code multivariate pattern learning and diagnostic technology, empowers organizations to monitor complex manufacturing processes and optimize key performance indicators in near real time for batch and continuous processes.

For oil and natural gas provider Williams Company, the Process Health Solution accelerated the company’s transition from a reactive to a proactive process monitoring approach.

“The Seeq Process Health Solution enabled our team to switch from a rules-based approach, which was difficult to implement and maintain at scale, to an engineer-friendly and transparent, multivariate machine learning approach,” says Oscar Lewis, a senior process operations leader and Technical Specialist at Williams Company. “This identified various process upsets, generating significant savings for our large gas gathering operations.”

With the Process Health Solution, users can leverage their domain expertise and process knowledge, without any prior machine learning experience, to improve their discovery, detection and diagnosis of process performance issues. The new solution extends Seeq’s current market leading capabilities for connecting data, teams and insights across a spectrum of analytics and machine learning. Engineers and process experts benefit from accessing Seeq ML add-on capabilities and multivariate visualizations from within Seeq’s easy-to-use and collaborative advanced analytics platform. Templated solution workflows also enable teams to quickly identify issues and root causes and accelerate improvements in process performance.

“Placing advanced multivariate, machine learning capabilities directly in the hands of frontline process experts and decisions makers aligns perfectly with the Seeq machine learning strategy,” says Mark Derbecker, Chief Product Officer at Seeq. “Providing the Process Health Solution within the Seeq self-service, advanced analytics platform will enable organizations to gain insights and take transformational actions within hours.”

* Seeq is a gold level sponsor at the 2023 ARC Industry Forum.

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