Tuesday 14 February 2023

Unmanaged switches.

Moxa EDS-2000/G2000-EL unmanaged industrial switches help to extend the network lifecycle with plug-and-play functionality combined with install-and-forget durability. An ultra-compact form factor optimizes space in constrained environments such as electronic control panels or inside dense machines, while Fast Ethernet and Gigabit options meet industrial bandwidth requirements. 

The switches stand only 3.2 inches high, or approximately the height of a credit card.

These unmanaged switches serve as a first line of defense against network downtime with tried-and-tested features such as microsecond-level latency, high EMS resistance, an IP40-rated metal housing, and continuous operation at extreme temperatures from -40° to 75° C, along with being resistant to shock, vibration, and freefall. In addition, the switches undergo a 100% burn-in test demonstrating each will function after it has been deployed.

Switch models are available that allow end-users to enable or disable the Quality of Service (QoS) function and the Broadcast Storm Protection (BSP) by configuring DIP switches on the outer panel. Choose from six EDS-2000/G2000-EL models with either five or eight ports including slots for long-distance SC/ST fiber to securely connect multiple devices to the network.

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