Tuesday 11 May 2021

Metrology in medical device manufacturing.

To help medical device manufacturers understand the value in intntegrating metrology into production, industrial metrology supplier The Sempre Group has released Metrology in Medical. The whitepaper explores how medical device manufacturers can use measurement equipment and data to improve quality throughout the product lifecycle. The whitepaper can be downloaded for free on The Sempre Group website here.

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The Sempre Group provides British and Irish manufacturers with the bespoke solutions and expert support needed to improve quality at every stage of a medical device’s lifecycle. The company regularly introduces new and innovative metrology systems and software from a range of leading global suppliers to find the right solution to any measurement challenge. The Sempre Group is also on hand to install systems, train staff and calibrate equipment to ensure measurements are valid in the long term — The Sempre Group is one of a few companies that offers UKAS certified calibration for Micro-Vu Optical CMMs.
“There is no room for error when bringing a medical device to market,” explained Jason McGlynn, commercial manager for Ireland at The Sempre Group. “Even the smallest defect can have dangerous consequences for patients, so manufacturers must document every step of the product lifecycle to prove a device meets its intended purpose."

The medical device industry in both Ireland and Britain is highly competitive. Ireland, for example, is one of the largest exporters of medical products in Europe, with annual exports of over 12.6 billion euros. As a result, medical device manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to streamline validation, improve productivity and gain a competitive edge in the market.

This whitepaper explains how considering the role of metrology earlier in the process and integrating metrology into every stage of a medical device's product lifecycle enable manufacturers to develop a more efficient and traceable process. It explores the factors to consider when searching for a metrology supplier, how metrology software can improve traceability and the benefits of automating reporting processes.

“Metrology is vital to gathering this accurate and traceable evidence, but is often only used at the end of production to validate final parts,” added McGlynn. “By creating an effective quality management strategy and integrating metrology into production from the outset, manufacturers can improve traceability to ensure regulatory compliance while streamlining production.”

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