Thursday 6 May 2021

Automation as a strategic tool in the success manufacturing.

Bill Lydon has been active in manufacturing automation for more many years. He started his career as a designer of computer-based machine tool controls. He applied programmable logic controllers and process control technology later in his career. In addition to experience at various large companies, he cofounded and was president of a venture-capital-funded industrial automation software company. 

Bill Lydon
Bill served as Editor of the ISA flagship periodical, InTech, from the time this correspondent was acting as VP Publications with the International Society of Automation in 2010-2012. He stepped down from this position two or three years ago and is gradually withdrawing from the more responsible positions in publishing. Thankfully he will continue to male some contributions both to InTech in the Final Say articles and will still be writing for the ISA subsidiary

He believes the success factors in manufacturing are changing, making it imperative to apply automation as a strategic tool to compete.

I know he has enjoyed interacting with everyone and hopes that many of his friends in automation and publishing will feel free to stay in touch.

He has recorded and tracked the changes in Automation down the years and we asked him to list a few of these. This is a list of some that he thought might be of interest mostly from the last two or three years. They are not listed in any particular order.

We look forward to reading further articles from him tracking the progress of automation and wish him every success in the future.

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