Wednesday 26 May 2021

Distribution grid modernisation project.

Salt River Project (SRP), the largest electricity provider in the greater Phoenix area, (AZ USA), has selected Emerson’s OSI digital grid solutions to reliably manage its distribution power grid, optimise operations and incorporate a growing supply of distributed energy resources. Emerson’s technologies and smart grid platform will coordinate the utility’s distribution operations that provide power to more than one million customers in central Arizona.
This project is part of SRP’s multiyear plan to address next-generation grid challenges, including managing sustainable and fast-expanding distributed energy resources such as solar panels, wind turbines and cogeneration plants, as well as handling bidirectional power flow and allowing more intermittent sources of power into the system. Emerson’s OSI Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), built on the monarch™ operational technology platform, enables utilities to improve system reliability, efficiency and safety by managing, analysing and optimising the entire distribution network.

“Our ADMS project with Emerson is a foundational part of our distribution enablement plan,” said Chris Campbell, senior director of distribution and telecom operations at SRP. “It will provide us with an enhanced technology platform to optimise grid asset utilisation and implement advanced grid operations.”

Emerson’s OSI digital grid technologies offer an expandable and adaptable platform that enables a reliable, efficient electricity distribution network that is flexible to real-time needs.

“Emerson, through its OSI digital grid solutions business, has been a proud partner of SRP for many years, providing our energy management system technology for transmission grid management,” said Al Eliasen, president of Emerson’s OSI digital grid solutions business. “This project expands our expertise to the distribution grid, providing a uniform, scalable and secure platform throughout SRP’s generation, transmission and distribution assets.”

As market demand grows for renewable energy sources, Emerson strengthened its capabilities through the October 2020 acquisition of Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI Inc.). Emerson’s domain expertise in power generation, combined with OSI Inc.’s complementary software and reach within the power transmission and distribution sectors, enables companies to monitor, control and optimise operations in real-time across the power enterprise.

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