Thursday 20 May 2021

High performance mass flow controller.

The SFC5500, from Sensirion, is the world’s first mass flow controller available via catalogue distribution. The high-performance mass flow controller is calibrated for multiple gasses and comes with push-in fittings, which can be changed easily by the user. 

Each device can cover multiple flow ranges found in conventional devices. As a result, only three different versions with different flow ranges are enough to cover most flow rates of interest. This makes the SFC5500 ideally suited for applications in the medical, analytical and industrial sectors. It is now available worldwide through Sensirion’s distribution network.

This mass flow controller series represents the culmination of Sensirion’s excellent 20-year track record in precision control of gas flow. The sensor is based on the microthermal measurement principle and makes use of Sensirion’s proven CMOSens® MEMS Technology. This allowed us to build an innovative mass flow controller with best-in-class performance and excellent reliability, which – unlike most other devices on the market – does not drift and does not require in-service re-calibration.

Thanks to the exceptionally high control range enabled by the CMOSens® MEMS flow sensor, the SFC5500 series can cover multiple flow ranges found in traditional mass flow controllers in a single device. Coupled with multi-gas calibration and exchangeable fittings, the SFC5500 series offers the first mass flow controllers on the market that are available as standard off-the-shelf products and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to this versatility, the SFC5500 series are also the first mass flow controllers available via catalog distributors.

The SFC5500 series complements the SFC5xxx family of Sensirion’s best-in-class mass flow controllers. It offers the same top performance as the SFC5400 and is therefore suitable for a broad range of applications in medical, analytical and industrial environments. However, unlike the highly configurable SFC5400 series, the SFC5500 series mass flow controllers are available in several standard pre-configured variants. For other gasses, flow ranges, fittings and interfaces, please check the SFC5400, or Sensirion’s most cost-efficient OEM solution – the SFC5300.

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