Monday 24 May 2021

Innovative and green.

Emerson will host a series of Green Innovation Days to provide industrial companies with valuable insights about transforming their operations to achieve environmental sustainability and decarbonisation targets. The free of charge events, which will be held virtually in various languages including English, French, Italian, German and Turkish, will demonstrate how innovative automation solutions can help companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions, become more energy efficient and make the transition to renewable power sources.

The next 
Green Innovation Day is scheduled for 
May 27 2021.
“A range of pressures are forcing companies to make a strategic shift in environmental sustainability, with an increasing number setting net zero emissions targets and demanding more efficient energy management,” said Roel Van Doren, group president of global sales at Emerson. “Consequently, they are seeking to implement solutions that enable the use of alternative fuels and low-carbon power sources, the reduction of energy and material use in production systems, and the management and removal of emissions.”

The Green Innovation Days event will feature presentations and demonstrations from Emerson industry experts that explain some of the ways in which companies can benefit from adopting innovative automation technology solutions. This includes changing the way they measure, monitor and control emissions; drive energy and reliability performance through improved control; and improve energy use by optimising unit and equipment performance with real-time monitoring. The event will also discuss how automation can ensure the supply and purity of hydrogen to fulfil downstream requirements; maximise the use of lower-cost waste and alternative fuel sources by mitigating process issues; and reduce outages and extend maintenance cycles through improved control for biomass energy.

Advanced automation technology has a key role to play in helping companies achieve their sustainability goals. The deployment of measurement technologies and monitoring systems helps manufacturers to monitor environmental impact, with real-time energy management information systems automating the process of mapping and managing energy consumption across a site. Implementing tools and services to optimise processes and increase the performance of control loops directly impacts energy efficiency and consumption. The application of digital twin technology helps providers of new technologies to scale up their designs and validate optimised control and safety schemes to meet the increasing demand for clean fuels, such as green hydrogen.

“There is no time to lose when it comes to driving environmental sustainability,” Van Doren explained. “Green Innovation Days attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to reach their environmental sustainability goals, get expert advice on regulatory requirements and solutions optimised for their specific applications, and develop strategies to create a real step-change in their operational improvements.”

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