Friday 21 May 2021

Becoming climate neutral.

On the way to a climate-neutral company 

Jan Hartman
Energy and resource efficiency are the focus of IDS Imaging Development Systems . As a globally active technology company, sustainability is an essential part of the corporate strategy. 

"Technological progress and responsible entrepreneurship go hand in hand for us," said Jan Hartmann, Managing Director of the Obersulm-based (D) camera manufacturer. "Our sustainable, ethical business practices actively protect the environment" is one of his guiding principles.

With a responsible and holistic sustainability strategy, IDS aims to create long-term value while harmonizing ecological, social and economic aspects. Sustainability is practiced in all areas of the company. In the core business, this is reflected, for example, in the development and production of climate-neutral camera families or "green" logistics. However the company goes further.

For example, fair dealings with business partners, a pronounced family awareness and a good work-life balance are firmly anchored in the guidelines. IDS is also committed to environmentally friendly mobility with bike leasing offers and a job ticket for employees. The company restaurant at the Obersulm site is supplied by regional producers and thus contributes to reducing CO2 emissions due to shorter transport routes. At the same time, the paperless office makes it easier to work from home and saves resources.

Facets of climate protection at IDS

The further reduction of the company's own CO2 emissions is at the top of the corporate agenda. "We are working every day to further reduce our ecological footprint," underlined Jan Hartmann. The goal of making the entire company climate-neutral before the end of this year has almost been achieved. IDS cameras are already helping to conserve raw materials and optimize processes in almost every country in the world.

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