Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Succesfull migration to the cloud.

Emerson migrated its exploration and production software along with Repsol's data to the cloud, making advanced visualisation and reservoir analytics available for collaboration across global teams.

The exploration data of Repsol, the global energy company, has been successfully migrated to the cloud by Emerson. Cloud capabilities enable companies to securely store the data that powers vital analytics, helping optimise operations and achieve higher levels of performance.

The close partnership between Repsol and Emerson was a key factor in the success of the project.

“As one of our closest collaborative partners, we worked hand-in-hand with Repsol to perform a seamless migration from one environment to another,” said Steve Santy, president of E&P software at Emerson. “Our team has developed a customised approach specifically aimed at optimising the migration of our solutions and our clients’ data to the cloud in a way that is transparent to users. Simply put, our tools and services make it fast and easy to migrate to the cloud, with minimal impact on users.”

Migration to the cloud proved to be a cost-effective alternative for Repsol, eliminating the need to invest in new hardware, and increasing collaboration, visualisation capabilities, and performance for its exploration activities. During the three-month project, the team migrated Emerson’s E&P software suite and approximately 90 terabytes of data from Repsol’s on-premises locations in Houston and Madrid to the cloud.

After only one hour of onboarding, users were up and running, and benefitting from working in a cloud environment. Since completion of the project, Repsol has seen improved performance. Repsol’s globally distributed asset teams are making decisions and achieving results faster using the data, as well as collaborating more effectively across projects.

The movement to the cloud is part of the ambitious digitisation programme that Repsol is carrying out. Using Emerson’s optimised approach for migrating its software and data, the project was accomplished with no work disruption. Repsol geoscientists were able to leave work on Friday and return on Monday to a new environment, with no downtime or lost data.

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