Monday, 12 April 2021

Helping CERN bringing about a “second quantum revolution.

CryoCoax has joined other technology specialists in sponsoring the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative (QTI). The programme will explore the potential of devices harnessing perplexing quantum phenomena such as entanglement to enrich and expand its challenging research programme.

Roy Phillips, CEO of Intelliconnect (CryoCoax is a division of Intelliconnect), commented “We are very pleased to be sponsoring the CERN Quantum Technology initiative in the company of technology leaders such as Oxford Instruments. The world of quantum is an exciting and rapidly growing market with some of the biggest players in business at the forefront.”

Today’s information and communication technology grew out of the invention and development of quantum mechanics during the last century. But amazing as it is that billions of transistors can be packed into a smartphone or that photons are routed around the internet with the help of lasers, the devices underpinning the “first quantum revolution” merely rely on the weird properties of quantum mechanics – they don’t put them to use directly.

The QTI sees CERN join a rapidly growing global effort to bring about a “second quantum revolution”, whereby phenomena such as superposition and entanglement, which enable an object to be in two places at the same time or to influence another instantaneously, are exploited to build new computing, communication, sensing and simulation devices.

While still in their infancy Quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionise science and society. In recent years, the growing importance and the potential impact of quantum technology development has been highlighted by increasing investments in R&D worldwide in both academia and industry.

The new CERN QTI will encompass the Laboratory’s R&D activities and plans in this field and provide examples of the potential impact on research. It will also highlight the rich international network of activities and how CERN fosters research collaborations.

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