Thursday, 1 April 2021

A successful event but...

The Emerson User Group EMEA ended yesterday (31st march 2021) and President Roel van Doren reported a very successful event. Over 8500 registered from in excess of 110 countries and 25000 attendances were recorded at the more than 300 presentations. It was indeed a very well organised event but perhaps the great missing element was the lack of personal interaction with fellow attendees. 

Discover! Design! Deliver!

What was missing!
So what was the message? Obviously this event could be described as the "Discover" phase. Participants then could go away and co-operating with the equipment suppliers and system builders design and then the suppliers would deliver and install. Simples (as a famous advert says!). So what did we discover?

A whole lot of learning has happened since this particular event was first planned to meet in March 2020 in the Italian city of Milan. If the CoVID-19 did anything it concentrated the minds of scientific and industrial advances not only in the production of several vaccination products in a heretofore unimaginable time frame but in wholesale advances in use of digitisation.

But there are other things happening in the background. The understanding of our interdependance with the natural world gained as well and the emphasis that Emerson are placing on sustainability. Natural resources are finite and investigations are proceeding apace to discover new generating methods for energy, reducing or even eliminating the use of hydrocarbons. We heard the aphorism "Hydrogen is the rockstar!" more than once during the three years.

We were introduced to the latest advanced automation technologies and how they address global sustainability challenges, such as ensuring reliable power distribution and meeting the demand for clean fuels, such as hydrogen. Emerging technologies are creating new industrial computing architectures that help to transform operations and drive efficiency improvements. In a word the green agenda and digitisation.

The free of charge presentations are still available on-line.

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