Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Natural gas analyser.

Proven measurement technology for monitoring moisture content in natural gas pipelines benefits from improved user interface, data handling and network connectivity, along with enhanced modularity for optimal field serviceability.

The J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer has been launched by SpectraSensors, An Endress+Hauser company. . This new product addresses multiple issues with traditional technologies used for the measurement of moisture content in natural gas, while providing additional benefits.

Today’s natural gas market is more complex than ever, with an unprecedented range of supply sources and overall gas composition variability. Gas suppliers, pipeline operators, and industrial users must accommodate unexpected changes in heating value and contaminant levels by using analyzers to verify characteristics throughout the supply chain. One very critical contaminant must be monitored continuously: H2O. The presence of water content in liquid or gas can cause corrosion in a pipeline or other assets. Moisture and other acids can combine to cause severe asset degradation. 

The J22 moisture analyzer combines Endress+Hauser’s and SpectraSensors’ more than two decades of experience producing tunable diode laser analyzers with the latest advancements in data analysis, internal diagnostics, multi-functional enclosures, and web server connectivity. The combination of these features creates a comprehensive moisture monitoring solution with unique capabilities.

The analyzer can replace traditional electrochemical sensors, such as aluminum oxide, phosphorus pentoxide, quartz crystal microbalance, and chilled mirror. These technologies often lose accuracy due to contamination issues, require frequent maintenance, and can’t reliably distinguish between water and other liquids frequently found in gas streams, such as glycol and methanol.

TDLAS technology can identify the water molecules specifically, while being unaffected by a wide variety of other common contaminants. However, some traditional TDLAS analyzers are difficult to maintain and not suited to installation in the harsh environments that are often encountered with these types of measurement applications.

To address these and other issues, the J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer is designed for almost zero maintenance. When service is required, its components are easily accessible and field-serviceable, allowing for quick replacements and upgrades. The gas sample cell is simple to remove and designed for convenient cleaning and servicing. The available IP66 and Type 4X enclosures for housing the analyzer system are suitable for installation in typical natural gas application locations.

Field operability is made all the easier thanks to Endress+Hauser’s Heartbeat Technology™, with diagnostic capabilities built into the J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer. Alerts and verification reports advise operators on how the unit is performing and will inform the operator if the health of the analyzer is degrading. When severe enough, the system triggers alarms to call for maintenance attention. Operators can quickly interpret alerts, thanks to NAMUR 107 compliant alarm categories and diagnostic graphics.

The analyzer has a built-in web server, with connectivity provided to a laptop or other device via an Ethernet cable. This functionality allows operators to find further detail through information screens and verification reports, the latter provided in PDF format.

These features and options, combined with the J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer’s reliable measurement technology, provide an ideal solution for measuring water content in natural gas streams. 

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