Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Wireless position switches and sensors for explosive environments.

"Wireless Ex" is a technology developed by the .steute business unit Extreme which simplifies the assembly and operation of switchgear in explosive environments. Switching devices are no longer connected to the receivers in the control cabinet via Ex-compatible cables, but via a low-energy wireless protocol created especially for such applications. It is, of course, certified to ATEX and IECEx standards.

Engineers constructing plants and machines for explosive environments can take Ex RF 96 electromechanical wireless position switches, for example, in their slim rectangular design to monitor the position of moving machine components or workpiece fixtures.

Alternatively, positions can also be monitored without any contact – using Ex RF IS wireless inductive sensors in a cylindrical design (M 12, M 18 and M 30). In this case, the Ex RF 96 ST Ex wireless universal transmitter takes care of both wireless transmission and decentralised power supply to the sensors.

These wireless sensors guarantee high transmission availability even in tricky situations (e.g. coexistence with other wireless systems), as is often the case in an industrial environment.

These product series have now been updated by steute, and their latest versions with new ATEX-/IECEx approval were presented at the SPS 2019. Both the electromechanical Ex position switches and the Ex sensors are approved to the latest ATEX-/IECEx standards for use in Ex zones 1 and 21. The wireless signals require so little energy that there is no danger of explosion, bringing additional flexibility to the design and construction of explosion-proof machines and plants.

The two updated switchgear series are well suited to e.g. mounting on machines and plants in Ex zones which have moving parts or parts which are difficult to access. Because Ex-compatible cable connections are no longer needed, and because the switching devices "radio out" of the Ex zone, installation of the switching devices and gaining of Ex approvals are greatly simplified.

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