Monday, 8 June 2020

Infrared switching for high-hygiene.

Herga’s 6461 series IR switch offers a simple and effective aid to barrier protection

Simple in operation and easily installed in new equipment or as a retrofitted replacement, Herga’s 6461 series infrared non-contact switches provide a safe, functional and cost-effective alternative to manual switches for dispensing and vending equipment as high-hygiene becomes more and more critically important. Herga has manufactured this product for several years and, tried and tested with high-reliability and widespread use in a diverse range of applications from medical laboratories to leisure facilities, this practical IR switch has a sensing range from 75 to 100 mm and is available in a wide choice of materials and switching options.

The switch is available in open collector or transistor output versions and with a low current consumption of less than 3 mA, can be configured for momentary, latching or timer delay switching. An electrical rating of up to 2A at 30V AC or DC (Nominal 12V to 24V) allows an output capable of switching a suitable relay, solenoid or direct connection to the controlled equipment.

The IR sensor element is set behind a protective acrylic lens with a light source that is modulated to reduce nuisance operation due to ambient light. With an overall IP67 rating, the sensor is epoxy encapsulated in a 33 mm diameter threaded housing, available in a choice of ABS or stainless steel and complete with locking nut for flexible use in normal or vandal-resistant installations. A fully sealed front escutcheon plate, also in a choice of stainless steel or ABS with an attractive chrome plated finish, allows the entire switch to be washed down with suitable cleaning fluids for complete hygiene protection. Temperature operating range is from -5 to +40 ⁰C.

The 6461 switch’s sensitivity allows operation of the switch without any actual contact - with infrared detection of objects such as a finger or a hand at a distance of approximately 70 mm. Special versions can be adapted to detect large objects such as a person or other parts of the body from distances up to 500 mm. This flexibility allows far-reaching dispensing and vending tasks on high hygiene equipment for water, soap and cleansing gels etc. as well as non-contact actuation of dryers, door openers and many other devices used in medical and laboratory fields as well as public conveniences, airports and other environments - where hygienic measures are nowadays so essentially important.

Herga’s comprehensive product range also covers other contacting infrared as well as Bluetooth® and USB switching components along with medically approved and industrial grade single- or multi-pedal foot and hand controlled switches based on electrical, electronic, and pneumatic technologies in standard and user-customised designs.

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