Monday, 25 November 2019

Reducing maintenance time for pH probes!

By using retractable probe housings, for example in pH measurement technology, the required regular maintenance of the sensors can be reduced and thus the manual labour for each measuring point can be minimised.

EXNER Process Equipment's retractable probe housings offer plant operators many advantages compared to traditional, fixed measuring points. When used correctly, they can significantly reduce the maintenance work at the measuring point in pH measurement technology, for example, extend the lifespan of the sensors used and increase the reliability and availability of the measurement value.

Here, the retractable probe housing separates the pH sensor from the active process fully automatically and moves it into a separated rinse chamber where the sensor is cleaned. This can be done with a pure water rinse as well as with the addition of cleaning agents. External controls regulate and monitor the whole process. Once the cleaning process is complete, the retractable probe housing moves back into the measurement position and returns the sensor to the process to continue the measurement. The retractable probe housing thus forms a lock between the pH sensor and the process medium to be measured.

Using this process, the lifespan of the sensors used can be extended above all in demanding and rough processes. The reliability of the measurement values can be increased, regular maintenance work reduced, and you can also ensure a more economical operation.

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