Thursday, 21 November 2019

Safe cable markers.

TE Connectivity (TE) offers HL Low Fire Hazard cable markers designed to identify large-diameter wire and cable, as well as post-connector installation within harsh environments. Identification print is guaranteed when using TE’s WINTOTAL software in conjunction with the recommended ribbon and thermal transfer printers.

TE’s HL cable markers are designed to offer flexibility for wire and cable identification in harsh, aggressive environments including temperatures from -55°C to 135°C (-67°F to 275°F). Typical installations in demanding environments include mass transit, military, aerospace and industrial applications. Applied using cable ties, “HL cable markers provide the ability to identify large diameter cable and wire bundles” said Thomas Bartlett, TE product manager. “They can also support identification for installed, terminated cables when re-termination is not possible.”

The HL markers are available in white or yellow and assembled on fanfold or reeled paper carrier to allow for greater range of printing formats and kitting. Features of the marker include:
  • Thermal transfer printable
  • Highly flame resistant (excellent resistance to burning - oxygen index 35%)
  • Resistant to key industrial and military grade fluids
  • Several printable widths and heights available
HL markets are EN45545-2 R24 HL3 compliant, the European safety standard to protect human life against onboard fire incidents in railway vehicles. The objective of EN 45545-2 is to minimize the probability of a fire starting, to control the rate and extent of fire development and to minimize the impact of the products of fire on passengers and staff.

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