Friday, 1 November 2019

Helping the e-mobility revolution.

As electrical cars are beginning to be come more comon the requirements for charging them becomes more acute.

Delta is launching a new product to further support the e-mobility revolution, the 22kW AC MAX EV Charger. This innovative wall-mount EV charger boasts leading power output. In addition, Delta’s AC MAX offers extremely low stand-by power, over-the-air remote upgrade capability, lightweight design (about 3.8kg), networking capabilities, OCPP protocol support for back-end integration, as well as RFID reader for user identification. The aforementioned features provide a valuable proposition to charging point operators (CPO) in office buildings, retail facilities, hotels, parking lots and residential communities.

The high power output of the 22kW AC MAX helps EV drivers to enjoy reduced charging time by up to 70%(1) when compared to the common 7kW AC chargers in the market. Its remarkably low stand-by power consumption also contributes to energy conservation. In addition, its over-the-air remote upgrade capabilities allow CPOs to improve the charger’s firmware, eliminating the need for on-site maintenance and thus, improving management efficiency.

Integrating peripheral devices and back-end systems is easy thanks to the design of the AC MAX. The CPOs can choose to identify EV owners by using either an RFID reader or ISO 15118 user identification mechanism. The certified meter, integrated with AC MAX Charger, is able to accurately calculate the amount of charge and provide data for the payment system as a basis for billing. The AC MAX Charger’s support of the OCPP communication protocol and wireless networking communications allows the device to transmit related information to a back-end management system or Delta’s EV Charging Infrastructure Management System. This means that charging point operators can remotely manage chargers and view their on-site charging status via a dashboard in a central control room.

The AC MAX Charger supports SAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, and GB/T 20234 charging interfaces, making it compatible with charging standards employed in most countries. The device is compact (218 x 371 x 167 mm), lightweight (about 3.8 kg), and provides wall/pedestal installation, bottom-fed and rear-fed wiring options, IP55 protection against dust and water, and IK08 protection against impact. The hardware design makes it convenient for users to configure the charger to suit either indoor or outdoor conditions.

Delta’s 22-kW AC MAX Charger not only maximizes the value of its functions, but it also comes in three versions for different usage requirements—a basic version for standalone use, a smart version for distributed networking management, and a premium version with an attached certified meter for payment applications.

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