Tuesday 12 November 2019

Brexit: The long hard road to a future relationship!

We don't usually publish item not directly with our own discipline but in our (admittedly not entirely unbiased opinion - but who isn't biased in this matter) we have found that among the analysts of the great BREXIT problem the Derry reporter Tony Connolly is second to none. As a native of a border city no British reporter has his insights of the British and the European mind.

Michel Barnier
The problem is great of course. One might say it has lead the the downfall of every Conservative Prime minister since and including Margaret Thatcher. It has produced, thus far, three (English) Brexit secretaries who have been conducting “the easiest deal in human history” with the calm imperturbable Frenchman, Michel Barnier.  Even if Britain leaves in January as looks not impossible, Barnier will still be there to negotiate the actual future relationship between Britain and the 27 countries of the EU. Because BREXIT will not be done!

Tony Connelly is the Brussels reporter of RTÉ (the Irish equivalent to, but considerably less resourced than, the BBC). His reports on the current state of play should be must-reads for all interested in the topic.

This week he asks:  "How quickly will the EU move to free trade negotiations with the UK in the event of Johnson majority? Here’s my take on how bruising the next steps could be..."

It is worth a read just to see how "easy" this deal will be.

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