Wednesday 9 January 2019

Non-domestic gas installation in Ireland.

​The Non-Domestic Installation Gas Market from January 2019 will now be regulated by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities [CRU]. The RGII who over the years have brought the Gas Domestic Industry to the highest and safest standards it is today and will now be in charge of the licensing scheme for Registered Gas Installers for Non-Domestic Gas Works.

To date, any competent person could work in the Non Domestic Gas Industry without specific training or registration. Now anyone working in the Non Domestic Gas market must be certified and registered with the RGII in 2019 or may face legal repercussions .

Hanley Controls have been supplying Gas products and equipment to the main Gas utility as well as Mechanical contractors in the Gas Industry for almost 30 years . As the leading suppliers of Gas Equipment to the Industry, the sale is the last step in the process.

They pride themselves on the knowledge and expertise they offer Contractors, Consultants & Maintenance personnel with up to date current standards on design, Gas flows, line sizing, meter sizing , piping systems, safety inspections, purging, pressure skids & gas detection to mention some of our services .

Their success in obtaining the Non Domestic Gas Certification recognises this competence. The company's gas department personnel have Engineering or trade certifications at a minimum and combined have over 80 years of experience.

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