Wednesday 9 January 2019

Connector in the IEC 61076-2-111 standard K-coding.

Harting has introduced a new version of its popular M12 circular connector in the IEC 61076-2-111 standard K-coding. The new configuration enhances the M12, already well known as an interface for data and signals transmission, by offering a similar compact interface for energy-intensive applications. With four power contacts and a protective earth contact, it is possible to safely transmit 7 kW at 630 V and 16 A: a considerable amount of power in a very compact interface.

The ongoing trend towards miniaturisation is having an increasing impact on the space-saving supply of voltage to compact drives as well as on networks. The step towards developing and standardising the K-coding is therefore a logical and necessary one for Harting. Previously, higher-powered supplies for circular connectors have normally been handled via PROFINET, of which the M12 L-coding device with 0.75 kW at 63 V and 16 A is a well established standard.

In order to offer the widely-used M12 form factor to device manufacturers for voltage supply, Harting will be supplying the K-coding product with 7 kW at 630 V and 16 A from Spring 2019, allowing the integrated transmission of data, signals and power. The logical consequence for housing manufacturers will be simplified planning and cost savings.

With power of this magnitude in a compact M12 housing, particular attention has to be paid to clearance and creepage distances to protect users properly. This is accomplished with a PE contact attached to the housing which is configured as a pre-leading pin in the mating face in order to bleed off voltage and conduct away flashovers on the housing or between contacts.

With the high voltages, the PCB socket must be protected from flashover on the contact side. To this end, all the hold-downs are separated from one another with an insulator. K-coded cable is available in a crimp version. The connection will be secured with the familiar screw fitting typical of the M12 design. There will also be a new PushPull variant which clicks audibly into place.

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