Tuesday 8 January 2019

Integrating any desired piezoelectric sensors directly.

Kistler Instruments has a wide range of options for using sensors and process monitoring systems to support Industry 4.0, all of which are developed to deliver gains in quality and efficiency. Production monitoring systems combined with a wide range of sensors are the basis of enhanced digital system integration.

Their sensors are used in a variety of assembly processes to provide intelligent monitoring and control of production, generating improved product quality and enhanced productivity.

The maXYmos range of monitoring systems allow highly dynamic force and torque signals to be monitored and controlled with high precision, even where space is limited and forces and torques are small. The graphic presentation makes the optimization of the production processes both simple and accurate whilst the integrated sequencer mode ensures reliable control of sequences across multiple measurement programs without any additional PLC programming. The option to configure the system entirely offline from a PC means that the machine or plant needs to be stopped only briefly to upload or download the revised configuration when changes are made to the production process.

Using the Kistler Type 5074A digital charge amplifier, piezoelectric sensors can be integrated directly into the machine control via Ethernet. For the first time, plant and machinery manufacturers can now integrate any desired piezoelectric sensors directly into a real time-capable Ethernet system (PROFINET, EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP).

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