Wednesday 23 January 2019

Rapid remote access to test results.

A new case study has been published by Autoscribe Informatics which highlights the use of the Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) by Amway. Amway is a leading manufacturer of products for the nutrition, home, beauty, energy & sport markets.

Matrix Gemini’s built-in web interface is providing its authorized users in a variety of locations with access to test results as soon as tests are completed. This single change potentially shaves weeks out of product development schedules, dramatically reducing the time it takes to develop new products and improving operational efficiency.

Amway’s R&D laboratory in Ada, Michigan, (USA), undertakes bioassays for the testing of botanical ingredients to support nutrition and beauty product development. Samples for testing are supplied primarily from California and Asia, with many different people from different groups requiring access
 to the test results. However, prior to the implementation of Matrix Gemini test reports were not issued until all testing on a sample had been completed and this could take up to 6 weeks. Test results are now available on demand to the worldwide development team as soon as they are completed, together with an array of reports that can be run on request.

The laboratory is making use of Matrix Gemini LIMS for sample registration, sample tracking, resource allocation, result recording, and reporting. The sophisticated real-time reporting helps with fast data analysis, allowing access to the right information at each stage of the testing process. Matrix Gemini’s web interface can be used with multiple browsers on most mobile devices and users enjoy an identical experience to those using the desktop version. This means that as well as providing easy access to test results it can be used to enter sample metadata before shipping so that the laboratory is ready for the sample’s arrival.

Matrix Gemini’s configuration tools have allowed the LIMS to be configured to meet the exact requirements of the process flow for Amway’s laboratory without custom coding. Personnel from Amway have also attended a configuration training course which means they can modify the configuration going forward to adapt the LIMS to any changing requirements.

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