Thursday 10 January 2019

Encapsulated switch mode power supplies.

Myrra 47000 series encapsulated Switch Mode Power Supplies, available from JPR Electronics, are a range of encapsulated, PCB mountable power supplies from 1W up to 60W. The range includes power supplies with VDE & UL approvals, CE marked and meet class B EMC standards without any additional external components.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, comments, “Myrra encapsulated power supplies allow customers to upgrade their products without having to redesign PCBs. In the same package as an EI30 transformer, they can replace a transformer, bridge rectifier -filter capacitor and fuse, additionally in regulated power supplies the linear regulator and heatsink can be eliminated.”

The power supplies offer an alternative to traditional discrete component designs providing an immediate solution with increased efficiency, reduced component count and save PCB space. The 2.4W to 5W range provides a form-fit-and-function replacement for EI30 type transformer-based power supplies.

The 48000 series is a very compact design (25 x 25 x 16mm) and provides power from 1W to 3W. The series also has VDE and UL certification and is EMC compliant.

The 47000 series are compact PCB mount devices and are available with output power from 2.4 to 60 Watt and single outputs from 5.0 to 24VDC. The input range is 85VAC - 265VAC at 47-63Hz or 120-370VDC. Their very low standby power consumption and high efficiencies ensure the series meet the requirements of Energy Star.

The encapsulated Switched Mode Power Supplies are based on flyback topology with the enclosure manufactured from UL 94-V0 plastic and resin. They meet all requirements of IEC/EN61558-2-16, IEC/EN62638, IEC/EN60335, UCUL60950 and are CE marked. Conducted and radiated EMC emissions conform to EN55014, EN55032, CLASS B, EN61000-3-2 CLASS A, EN61000-3-3, IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-4, IEC61000-4-5, IEC61000-4-6 and IEC61000-4-11

Applications include alternatives to linear transformer designs in many AC/DC power supplies, replacements for DC/DC converters for point of load power sources, industrial, domestic and consumer electronics, standby devices and DC or AC auxiliary supplies.

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