Friday, 28 October 2016

Sulphur Chemiluminescence Detector.

PAC’s AC Analytical Controls is launching the next generation SCD (Sulphur Chemiluminescence Detector), “SeNse”, to the market.

SeNse SCD positions itself as the best performing SCD in the market, combining an excellent stability with a 0.3 pg/s S sensitivity as key specifications, without using oxygen. SeNse uses air instead of oxygen.

SeNse also displays excellent linearity, has a superb selectivity and a true equimolar response that easily outperforms any FPD/PFPD.
It is a total redesign of the Antek 7090 SCD. Completely new optimized ceramics, electronics, and a true constant flow (by pressure point) in the detector base allow for ultra-stable baselines, providing ultra-low lower detection limits. The SeNse also provides the ability to execute GC maintenance (e.g. changing insert or septum) without switching the detector off, significantly reducing instrument downtime.

The large touch-screen and automatic leak check routines make controlling SeNse very simple. SeNse is independent of GC or Chromatography Data System. For now, it can be mounted on Agilent 6890/7890A/B systems, with different platform support to be added in near future.

The SeNse complies with key standard methods such as ASTM D5504 and D5623.

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