Thursday, 27 October 2016

TFT display!

KOE has announced the introduction of a new 10.4-inch TFT display module. The TX26D203VM2BAA features XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) resolution, a 4:3 aspect ratio and excellent optical performance characteristics.

A contrast ratio of 800:1 and a high brightness specification of 1200cd/m² ensure that bright, clear and concise display images are delivered all ambient light environments. The white LED backlight features a half brightness lifetime of 70K hours.

Jason Tsai, Marketing Manager, KOE, said, "The new KOE 10.4-inch TFT produces exceptional optical performance and is suitable for use in many different application environments where the quality and clarity of the display image is paramount."

A 20-pin single channel LVDS interface supports both 6-bit and 8-bit RGB data enabling a colour palette of up to (6-bit) 262K or (8-bit) 16.7M colours. The optimum viewing direction is specified as 12 o'clock.

The 10.4-inch display module features mechanical outline dimensions of 235.0mm (w) x 180.2mm (h) x 9.5mm (d) and an active display area of 211.2mm (w) x 158.4mm (h). The display module supports an operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C and a storage temperature range of -30°C to +80°C.The display module weighs 370g.

Typical applications for the 10.4-inch XGA display include point-of-sale systems, process control, medical instrumentation and public information terminals. KOE's new TX26D203VM2BAA TFT display is available immediately from KOE's distribution sales channel partners.

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