Friday, 28 October 2016

Firmware for Thin Clients.

Seeking to further enhance flexibility in process automation, R. Stahl HMI Systems is introducing more powerful new integrated software for series 500 Thin Clients for hazardous and industrial areas.

The new, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise-based firmware version 5.0 for Remote HMIs can be adapted to suit all display sizes featuring 1024 x 768 pixels or higher resolutions. At the same time, it increases user-friendliness and reliability of the Thin Clients for the remote operation of DCS installed on central servers or virtual machines. RDP 10 and RealVNC 5.3 and Emerson's DRDC, widely used in the process industry, are available as protocols for failsafe remote access. Integrated network diagnostics and the watchdog function for monitoring the data connection as well as the dual Ethernet support contribute to the high degree of transmission reliability. As protection against manipulation attempts, the software has modern USB and keyboard filters such as EWF lockdown, which reliably prevents registry or file system changes and restores the system's initial configuration after each reboot.

The user-friendly interface with improved touch operation and a clearly structured menu has received a modern make-over. All relevant information on the current connection status, such as IP address, transfer rate, user registration and system information is readily displayed on the dashboard. Multi-screen support is also available for improved visualisation of processes and menu structures. Network connections to all associated workstations can be easily established via the address book menu. Display brightness adjustment and a cleaning mode option can be touch-activated.

The hardware of R. Stahl's Thin Clients also feature superior performance compared to competing HMIs. Thanks to their Intel ATOM series quad-core processor clocked at 4x1.91 Ghz, their 64 bit architecture and 4 GB of RAM, the devices are four times as fast as their predecessors in the same R. Stahl HMI series. Intel VT hardware support of the processor makes them ideal for virtualisation environments. The integrated HD graphics chip supports DirectX 11.1 and ensures excellent display quality throughout, even with very dynamic process images.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland through Douglas Controls & Automation.

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