Friday, 27 May 2016

CO2 Calibration kit.

The CO2 Zero Calibration kit was developed, following a customer request, to allow less calibration gas to be used when checking the Edinburgh Sensors CO2 Guardian monitor range.

The Guardian infrared monitors offer near-analyser quality continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations. When a customers' equipment is installed in greenhouses worldwide, it is difficult to keep costs low when transporting cylinders of gas. Furthermore, there are strict rules in place when transporting high-pressure gas cylinders by air. As such, the company developed the CO2 Zero calibration kit without needing a cylinder of gas.

The CO2 Zero Calibration Kit for the Guardian NG wall mounted monitor works by removing CO2 from the air being drawn into the instrument. This provides a cost effective alternative to nitrogen, which is the usual method for checking zero readings on a CO2 sensor. The zero calibration kit is compatible with any of the CO2 Guardian NG range without modification.

The Guardian NG range has applications in landfill gas measurements, biogas, horticulture and much more.

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