Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Dreading the alarm review?

Process history is essential for alarm stewardship and formal rationalization. Alarm setpoints are far too often implemented on a “try-it-and-see” approach, causing operator load to weaken the operators’ trust in the alarm system, which leads to delays in acting and adds extra work for re-review. Current alarm reviews often avoid considering the full process history because of the complex data and overheads associated with review.

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- Wednesday 18th May 7AM BST (Dubai 10am, Mumbai 11.30am, Singapore 2pm, Sydney 4pm)

- Wednesday 18th May 9am BST (Europe 10am, Oman 12pm, Delhi 1.30pm, Perth 4pm)

- Wednesday 18th May 2pm BST (Dallas 8am, New York 9am, Europe 3pm)

- Thursday 19th May 9pm BST (Seattle 1pm, Calgary 2pm, Houston 3pm, Wellington 8am Fri 15th)

Using PPCL’s equation-less, no-maths visual technology, Geometric Process Control (GPC), in the alarm review increases effectiveness, producing limits that already consider process operation and identifying early in the process issues that are usually only seen after the new limits have been put in place. This allows necessary changes to be investigated months earlier, while producing a set of limits consistent with this operation. These methods also increase the speed of the review, allowing smaller teams to perform most of the work independently and providing a common framework for communication, dramatically improving productivity.

Most approaches to alarms fail to consider process performance and capability. This leads to unacceptable operator performance and impaired operation or safety. Including historic process data in the alarm rationalization process is required to avoid these pitfalls. The size of the required datasets, and the difficulty of visualizing, let alone interrogating, this data using traditional methods has led us to adapt the parallel coordinate projection as the enabling technique for seeing the relationship between alarm limits and operating history, operating envelopes and operator response.

A free webinar presented by Dr Alan Mahoney, Technical Director of Process Plant Computing Ltd (PPCL) on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th May demonstrates how to improve the alarm review process by including process operating envelopes at all stages. Discover how to use PPCL’s unique software to explore full data history, develop new process understanding and create low-cost predictive models without equations or advanced maths. Participants will learn why Geometric Process Control models cost so little and gets processes working perfectly more of the time!

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