Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Optimising steam generation & condensate recovery processes for maximum profit.

Steam production can represent 10-60% of a plant’s total energy consumption depending on the industry. As a result, the steam generation cycle and supporting processes represent critical areas of opportunity for cost and performance benefits.

Magnetrol International has developed the Steam Generation Cycle and Condensate Recovery Process Optimization Kit to help commercial and heavy industries identify the hidden costs that result from instrumentation poorly suited to their application in these processes.

The Optimization Kit includes a white paper, video and applications guide to provide a comprehensive analysis of how a level and flow instrument’s fundamental technology, when properly matched to its application, can:
  • Reduce fuel & energy consumption, 
  • Improve steam quality, 
  • Recover valuable energy & resources, 
  • Ensure product quality, 
  • Lower maintenance costs, 
  • and Prevent production downtime.

“Although plausible, it is rare to identify a single source of inefficiency related to poor level controls that impacts a company’s bottom line in the double digit percentile. More so than not, it is small incremental opportunities for improvement across various aspects of the steam generation cycle, condensate recovery and waste heat recovery processes that ultimately equate to substantial savings,” said Donald Hite, business development manager for Magnetrol. “Addressing these issues is analogous to stopping the seemingly innocuous, slow drip in a water faucet that over time consumes vast resources.”

The Optimization Kit offers insight into the significance of maintaining proper level control and protective measures to realize potential savings in steam generation, waste heat and condensate recovery, and water treatment systems common in process industries such as power generation, pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum refining, primary metals and food processing.

• Magnetrol products marketed in Ireland through Ntron

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