Friday, 12 December 2014

Wireless navigation!

Smart Wireless Navigator helps users manage their expanding wireless infrastructure and get the most value from their wireless networks
The Smart Wireless Navigator, a new software platform that enables users with large wireless deployments to maximise the power of their wireless networks, has been unveiled by Emerson. The Navigator brings together Smart Wireless tools for planning, managing, and maintaining networks. Valuable wireless network and device diagnostics and data are organised in an intuitive interface, along with the wireless tools, to streamline the Smart Wireless experience.

“Wireless technology is as scalable as it is powerful,” commented Bob Karschnia, vice president of wireless at Emerson. “As users’ facilities grow, they are expanding to installations of multiple wireless networks managed by different groups”

The Smart Wireless Navigator helps users effortlessly manage their expanding wireless infrastructure and get the most value from their wireless networks. A single software platform design makes it easier for users with large deployments of wireless to manage their networks across functional groups, delivering actionable information to the people who need it.

“To maximise value, facilities also needed a central platform to plan and deploy new networks and to organise the influx of new data and diagnostics,” continued Karschnia. “In answer, we developed a single window interface that brings together several Smart Wireless tools on a specially designed appliance to maximise visibility, efficiency and value.”

An intuitive design organises large amounts of wireless diagnostic information and data, and existing infrastructure is illustrated and easily understood.

“The Smart Wireless Navigator is a comprehensive tool that helps users realise the value of wireless across the range of reliability, safety, environmental accountability and process performance, it delivers value throughout the cycle of engineering, installation, operation and maintenance.”

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