Wednesday 31 December 2014

Protecting high-end smart phone & tablet accessories.

The Brand Protection business of Brady has created a customised product authentication system to protect Element Case high-end smart phone and tablet accessories from counterfeiting.

The solution features complex, securely designed labels that can be scanned for authenticity by any smart phone equipped with a publicly available barcode-reading app. External labels on product packaging are matched with internal labels inside the product’s frame, providing instant digital authentication. Brady integrated HP’s Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) into the solution, allowing Element Case customers and supply chain partners to instantly validate if a product is genuine.

Responding to Counterfeiting
Element Case is the premier boutique manufacturer of luxury accessories for smart phones and tablets. As an iconic pop culture brand, the company has encountered unprecedented levels of counterfeiting from international markets. In order to eliminate these counterfeits and provide its discerning customers full protection against copycat products, the company has tapped into Brady’s latest product authentication technologies.

In addition to this new anti-counterfeiting solution, Element Case has registered its trademarks globally, aggressively pursued infringers, and employed a team dedicated to finding and shutting down counterfeiters. Brady’s brand protection business provides the perfect complement to these internal resources for the brand.

"The Brady Difference!"
After exhaustive research, the HP GPAS platform that Brady offers with its labelling solutions was selected as the most appropriate digital authentication tool for Element Case. It offers cloud-based brand protection for consumers and supply chain partners to instantly verify the authenticity of products using smart phones. It also provides Element Case with supply chain tracking and real-time analytics driven by a customisable business rules engine.

“Brady was honest and pragmatic about the capabilities and limitations of an authentication system and was flexible in meeting the needs of our company and products,” says Jeff Sasaki, founder and CEO of Element Case. “They were unique in their approach, gaining an in-depth understanding of our brand and our supply chain first, before coming up with a custom solution that fully addresses our specific needs.”

“We’re excited to help Element Case create the complete brand experience through our physical and digital labelling solutions. With these tools, customers can scan and register the products they buy, enabling them to further be a part of the Element Case culture. In addition, the company will be able to realise reduced counterfeiting problems and increased sales,” says Dennis Polinski, global product manager, brand protection solutions for Brady.

“Partnering with Element Case not only gives us the opportunity to assist in their stand against counterfeiting – it allows us to support a superior brand that brings consumers a unique, aesthetic product known for its durability,” adds Polinski.

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