Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Wireless gateway allows flexible antenna installation

The compact 1410D Smart Wireless Gateway for wireless network applications where gateway installation locations are limited, in difficult safe areas that must connect to distant wireless application networks has been introduced by Emerson.  

Wireless Gateway installations can be difficult when antenna distances are limited and there are few safe locations. The 1410D Gateway uses the Smart Wireless 781 Field Link to enable flexible remote antenna location up to 200 metres, and the separate possibility of connection to hazardous areas with intrinsic safety protection.    

“The new Gateway allows users with limited safe locations to quickly and easily add to and strengthen their wireless network,” said Bob Karschnia, vice president of wireless for Emerson.  “Smart Wireless Gateways empower Smart Wireless networks to supply better data, enabling process manufacturers to increase safety, environmental accountability and process performance.”

A smaller size and DIN-Rail mount capability makes the 1410D ideal for limited cabinet space requirements. The built-in layered security functions ensure that the network stays protected at all times. Additional devices can be added quickly and easily without the need to configure the communication paths. The Gateway manages the wireless network automatically and delivers greater than 99.9% data reliability.

The Smart Wireless Gateway 1410D has 100 device capacity and an optional redundancy feature. The Gateway connects legacy hosts and provides Modbus® RTU and RTU/TCP/IP, and EtherNet/IP output.

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