Monday, 15 December 2014

New transportable crawler inspection camera can be hired!

Traditionally, pipeline inspection cameras operate from a power source in a vehicle or conveniently located building. However, the Mini-Cam Proteus crawler camera inspection system can now be hired from Ashtead Technology with a battery power pack option. “This means that the inspection work of our customers will not be limited by locations lacking power or with limited access,” says Ashtead’s Jay Neermul.

By operating the Proteus from a battery pack, the unit can be operated for over 5 hours. The complete self-contained system can be mounted on a trolley providing enormous flexibility in the inspection of pipes, culverts, cavities, drains and sewers. As a result, the system is completely transportable and extremely quiet – an important consideration in residential locations.

The Proteus features a variety of key features such as a built-in lowering device, a pan/rotate camera and a back-eye with auxiliary light, as well as a built-in digital control unit for capturing colour mpeg video and jpeg still images. Importantly, this final feature means that it is not necessary to hire an additional recording device.

In order to expand the range of pipes that the Proteus can inspect, the unit has a built-in camera elevator and can inspect pipes from 150mm in diameter up 600mm. With a 6-wheel drive the Proteus is supplied with three different wheel size options, and a novel wheel-lock mechanism enables quick and simple wheel changes. A portable cable reel is supplied as standard with a minimum of 120m of rugged cable, which can be extended to 200m or longer by prior arrangement. The system also includes a cable layering mechanism, a meterage wheel, a manual winding arm and a friction brake.

With twin joysticks, intuitive hot keys and crawler cruise control, the Proteus is simple to operate, providing users with continuous control and status information, including activity, speed, pressure, inclination and temperature.

Summarising, Jay Neermul says: “The Proteus is an extremely popular member of our remote visual inspection fleet, and the availability of a transportable, battery powered version means that the system no longer has to be connected to a vehicle and can now be employed in an even wider range of applications. By renting the new transportable crawler camera, customers will benefit from the latest technology and application flexibility, whilst avoiding ownership costs.”

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