Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Push buttons available!

The latest Full Screen OLED Pushbutton from NKK Switches is now being stocked by Foremost Electronics. This new OLED switch may be used to display a variety of graphics in addition to words and symbols and also provides simple video playback.

The full screen design allows larger displays to be assembled from a number of switches providing an interactive video + HMI display and control panel. The OLED display interface uses SPI Protocol enabling high-speed synchronous communications.

Applications for the new Full Screen OLED pushbutton switch include professional broadcast, audio, video and lighting systems, TV editing suites, air traffic control systems, arcade games and interactive displays for museums and exhibitions.

Key features include the world’s smallest class of OLED with 96 x 64 display dots, 50,000 hour lifetime, smooth and positive tactile response in operation, a richly expressive 16-bit 65,536 colour display, multiple units can be combined to form one screen for flexibility in sizes and layouts, highly-reliable dust-proof gold-plated twin contacts with life expectancy up to 1,000,000 cycles.

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