Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Protecting LIMS from typing errors!

A result entry enhancement has been added to the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information System (LIMS) from Autoscribe Ltd. The new double-blind entry capability allows the results from a test to be entered into the LIMS on two separate occasions and then checked against each other by the LIMS in order to minimise typing errors. If the two values do not match, the user is warned and asked to pick the correct one. It is particularly useful in clinical trial studies for patient data collection in conformity with CFR 21 part 11 data validation.

When a test is set up as a double blind test, the results fields appear empty, as normal. Stage 1 values are entered and saved. Any value can be edited, which includes audit trailing, before the sample test is confirmed as having completed stage 1. Once this has been confirmed, the stage 1 results disappear and the stage 2 values can be entered and saved. These may also be edited before confirmation of completion of stage 2. When stage 2 completion is confirmed, any conflicts are highlighted on a conflict resolution screen. Once all conflicts have been resolved the final values appear in the results fields. Calculations and limit checking are performed.

The conflict resolution screen allows the user to choose either value 1 or value 2 in any results field where there is a conflict. This screen may not be closed until all conflicting results have been resolved

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