Friday, 7 December 2012

Atomic absorption analysis: Application Notes

Analytik Jena has published two application notes highlighting the capability of the direct solid sampling technique for the atomic absorption analysis of nickel based alloys. The analysis of specific trace elements in alloys that are used to manufacture aircraft turbines is critical in ensuring the reliability of these components.

The two application notes are available on reques. One covers the determination of Ag, Sn, Cu, Mg and Cd in a nickel-based alloy and the other covers the determination of Pb, Bi and Se in a nickel-based alloy. Both reports highlight the use of the solid sampling techniques in conjunction with the contr®AA 600 high resolution continuum source furnace atomic absorption spectrometer.

This combination brings a double benefit for rapid, accurate analysis. Firstly, the use of a single high intensity continuum radiation source in the contr®AA 600 makes all atomic absorption lines from 190 – 900 nm available, allowing the sequential analysis of each element without the need to change lamps. In addition, direct solid sampling speeds up analysis by eliminating the need for time-consuming conversion into liquid samples. Direct solid vaporisation combined with a powerful background correction, allows interference-free and precise determination of trace elements in the alloy material.

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