Monday, 17 December 2012

Software opens new perspectives

The latest version of EPAN's software 2.2. has numerous functional extensions and innovative additional modules. It opens up new perspectives in engineering. The new graphical macro selection, smart terminal analysis and automatic termination points provide rapid design engineering results. Engineers receive a solid system which accelerates processes and provides a basis for standardisation and automation.

Version 2.2 has been designed to synchronise efficient engineering with the simultaneous creation of high-quality and informative documentation. Rapid filters in project data navigators, comprehensive parts data exchange and extended terminal design ensure greater convenience and speed in project processing.

An intuitive graphical macro selection helps designers to implement standards effectively, whilst still able to navigate comprehensive macro collections. Informative graphics and a clear structure makes access to defined circuit templates a breeze as searching through directory structures is replaced with graphically supported navigation. This allows technical sales staff to draw up initial circuit documentation in dialogue with their customers as early as the initial project brief.

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