Friday 14 December 2012

Data for your project!

Gnaros Inc has announced the launch of Databook Engine.

DataBook Engine is a cloud-based document solution which automates the last step of the project document cycle. It creates the final record books in the various formats demanded by engineering companies. Users can create a databook by simply uploading documents to DataBook Engine, providing some key information from their project document register, and pressing Submit. A single PDF of the required databook will be generated complete with bookmarks, hyperlinks, a table of contents, and an appropriate layout for any unique customer.

“A databook is often the last requirement of a document submission package for an engineering company and can be extremely time consuming to create,” said Gnaros president Brad Bowyer. “We wanted to develop an easy-to-use tool for creating databooks for process control equipment suppliers (and fabricators) that removes the tedious work from this critical step in project document control.”

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