Friday 21 December 2012

Developing an Automation workforce!

Peter G. Martin, Ph.D., a world-renowned expert in the field of automation and a strong advocate for automation workforce development, is to deliver a presentation, “Building the Next Generation of Automation Professionals,” on behalf of the Automation Federation at the 2013 US National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Global Career Development Conference to be held 8-10 July 2013 in Boston.

In his presentation, Dr. Martin, Vice President of Business Value Solutions at Invensys Operations Management and one of Fortune magazine’s “Hero of U.S. Manufacturing,” will speak on the vital importance of expanding automation training in preparing American workers for advanced manufacturing jobs.

“To compete in today’s highly competitive global manufacturing environment, skills training and competencies in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are essential,” says Dr. Martin, who has held executive and technical positions in engineering, product and strategic planning, marketing and training throughout his career. “Career and guidance counselors play a highly important role in building awareness among students and in their communities of the benefits of automation careers, and what courses and skills training are most needed to best prepare for them.”

The NCDA, a member association of the AF, works to empower students to achieve career and life goals by evaluating student performance, recognizing student strengths and potential, and providing counseling, advocacy and supportive resources. The NCDA’s 2013 Global Career Development Conference, a celebration of the association’s 100th anniversary, will showcase recent achievements in professional development, share best practices, and examine new initiatives, programs and products.

The AF, in its role as the “Voice of Automation,” is actively working to promote the value and significance of the automation industry, and to develop and attract a new wave of automation professionals. It works with a variety of private and public organizations, including high schools, community colleges and universities, to stimulate interest among young people in STEM and enrich and broaden automation curriculum.

As part of its commitment, the AF recruits organizations, such as NCDA, to become members and support its various workforce development initiatives.

“The Automation Federation is excited to participate in NCDA’s worldwide career development conference, and we’re honored to have Dr. Peter Martin present our workforce development message to the many professionals attending the event,” says Michael Marlowe, AF Managing Director and Director of Government Relations. “Career and guidance counselors are vital in helping young people recognize all the career possibilities before them. It’s our expectation that conference attendees on hand for Dr. Martin’s presentation will come away with a better understanding of automation careers, and how students can best investigate and position themselves for them.“

In 2009, Dr. Martin received the ISA Life Achievement Award, recognising his work in integrating financial and production measures that improve the profitability and performance of industrial process plants. In 2002, InTech magazine named him one of the 50 most influential innovators of all time in instrumentation and controls.

He holds multiple patents, including patents for dynamic performance measures, real-time activity-based costing, closed-loop business control, and asset and resource modeling. He has published numerous articles and technical papers, and has authored or co-authored three books: Bottom Line Automation; Dynamic Performance Management: The Pathway to World Class Manufacturing; and Automation Made Easy: Everything you wanted to know about automation – and need to ask. (See our critique of this work Knowing Automation - 16/10/2012)

Dr. Martin possesses a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in mathematics, a master’s degree in administration and management, a master of biblical studies degree, a doctorate in industrial engineering, and doctorates in biblical studies and theology.

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