Friday, 14 September 2012

Circuit board adaptor allows creation of multi-pin connector on printed circuit board

Harting has introduced a new 5-pin circuit board adaptor which, when combined with a Han® DDD module from the company’s proven Han-Modular® series, makes it possible to create a multi-pin connector on a printed circuit board.

The circuit board adapter can be pre-assembled on the PCB by following the hole pattern. A 17-pin circuit board connection is then created for the Han® DDD module through the connection of two 6-pin adaptors and the new 5-pin circuit board adaptor.

The adaptor can be assembled onto the PCB independently of the connector. After assembly of the PCB, the male or female contact of the Han® DDD module is installed in the housing and attached on the pre-assembled PCB. Simple assembly is not the only advantage: the labour involved in wiring is also kept to a minimum.

For connection to the circuit board, 17 contacts are available, with the rated values (as per the DIN EN 61984 standard) of 7.5 A for current, 160 V for voltage, and 2.5 kV rated surge voltage at pollution grade 3.

With this new development, Harting’s Han-Modular(R) series is expanded with a new variety of PCB adapter in addition to the existing Han® DD solutions and the Han(R) 40 A module.

With the open Han-Modular®connector system, users can assemble customised connectors to their own individual requirements. Over 40 different modules are available for electrical, optical and pneumatic transmission.

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