Thursday, 13 September 2012

Digital Driver/Sensor Board

Digitaltest has introduced the new HYB04 driver/sensor board with 128 pins. Therefore the Digitaltest test systems can now be equipped with twice as many hybrid pins. This is also a major extension for the MTS30 system which is limited to 10 slots. The board supports fast and accurate tests for low voltage applications. The HYB04 supplements the HYB01 and H0YB3 with 10V logic. For special applications the 24V driver/sensor board MDS is available. Our HYB04 is a supplement to the HYB01 or HOYB3 with 10V logic, for special applications we offer also the MDS board with 24 drivers/sensors.

Several key customers are already using the new board.

Key features of the new board:
• 128 hybrid pins per board
• 10 MHz burst rate
• 4M burst memory per board
• 400 mA driver current
• 20mV resolution for driver and sensor

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