Thursday, 13 September 2012

Flow by cellphone!

This battery-powered magmeter has integrated GSM/GPRS cellphone wireless capability for data communications and configuration and is ideal for use in remote water applications!

The Proline Promag L800 battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter, just launched by Endress + Hauser, is an ideal flow measurement device for use in remote sites in water and wastewater systems. The flowmeter has an integrated GSM/GPRS cellphone system that allows data, such as alarms or totaliser counts, to be transmitted as an email over the cellphone network. (Info page for this and Promag 400).

The flowmeter’s GSM/GPRS system (Global System for Mobile Communications and General Packet Radio Services) is a mobile communications technology that works world-wide. All the flowmeter needs is a cellphone Subscriber Identity Card (a portable memory chip, called a SIM Card) from the local cellphone provider. The flowmeter can then be configured as a point-to-point connection, or as a modem that can be openly accessed via the Internet or a company Intranet.

Once configured, an operator at a central control room can receive alarms, query totalizer readings, and change the flowmeter configuration. The flowmeter’s built-in data logger saves data on a 2GB SD card, and can be configured to send emails periodically (such as once a day), with a CSV file attached to the email. The flowmeter can be programmed to generate an alarm email only if flow deviates from setpoint, eliminating the need for continuous monitoring, and reducing cellphone charges.

The integrated data logger records time, date, totaliser counter readings, positive and negative totals and partials, flow, measuring cycles per hour, state of battery charge and temperature of the electronics board. Data is saved daily on the micro SD card and can be loaded into a PC or laptop for evaluation, or it can be transmitted by the GSM/GPRS modem.

The Proline Promag L800 uses three sets of size D Lithium-thionyl chloride high-power batteries that last for 15 years. If the voltage in one set of batteries becomes too low, the flowmeter will send an alarm message and switch to a backup set of batteries. The flowmeter can also be powered by an external electrical supply.

The flowmeter is available in sizes from 2-24 in., operates at pressures up to 232 psi, and works with liquids having a minimum conductivity ≥50 µS/cm. Maximum flow rate is 33 ft/sec. The transmitter housing is made from polycarbonate with a choice of HR, PU or PTFE lining—and has KTW, WRAS, NSF and ACS international drinking water approvals.

Accuracy is 0.5% of reading, with repeatability of 0.2%. The electromagnetic measuring principle is not affected by pressure or temperature, and the flow profile has only a marginal effect on accuracy.

The Promag 800 flowmeter is available in two models—the Promag 800, where the flowmeter and transmitter are one unit, and the Promag 800L, where the transmitter is located remotely from the flow
sensing unit.

• Promag flowmeters are built and calibrated at the Endress+Hauser factory in Greenwood, Indiana. Endress+Hauser supports the flowmeters with calibration, startup  and a 24-hour Help Desk.

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