Friday, 28 September 2012

Temperature profiling success stories online

Datapaq® has just digitally published Application Success Stories, an online anthology of end-user case studies describing the successful usage of Datapaq in-process temperature profiling products and systems in a broad range of industrial applications.

A sampling of the applications discussed in the digital publication includes: drying of contact paste in solar cell manufacturing, measuring the temperature profile of the drying/curing process of foundry feeding sleeves, HACCP validation for large cooked hams, and surveying multiple measurement points in the production of sterile silicone breast implants. A number of stories are also included for applications in the automotive industry.

Each success story presents a situational question, and details the solution and benefits achieved through implementation. The publication is available on the Datapaq website and can be viewed online on a computer or mobile device, and downloaded for later reading. In addition, Datapaq is running a special offer for new success stories submitted by end-users and published on the website. Visit our website to learn more.

Arlene Lucas-Starrh, Senior Global Marketing Communications Manager commented, "We are pleased to make these success stories available to those searching for a solution to their temperature profiling application. These are real customer experiences with our products, and users in similar circumstances will be able to find an answer that is relevant to their needs."

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