Friday, 7 September 2012

A LIMS Implementation Methodology that really works!

Autoscribe has developed and enhanced a successful and proven LIMS implementation methodology based on work with hundreds of projects that have met customer expectations and the originally agreed budgets. By treating a LIMS project as a partnership with a customer, and listening closely to what is needed, this methodology ensures that everyone within the Autoscribe and customer project teams have clearly defined roles. 

Using an iterative process in the implementation ensures that the project progresses in the right direction and at the right speed. This approach also provides the opportunity to utilise Autoscribe’s considerable experience to suggest alternative methods for achieving the objectives if necessary, and then defining the milestones to achieve the solution. A detailed description of the implementation process is covered in a downloadable System Implementation Guide.

The implementation procedure naturally includes the delivery of a configuration of Matrix Gemini built to agreed detailed requirements. This includes workflows, screens, menus and much more, which are created using Matrix Gemini’s unique “One-time Configuration” tools without the need for any custom coding. The customer then tests and evaluates the delivered configuration and feeds back information on any changes that are needed. 

The number of iterative cycles depends on the overall size of the project. Provision is made to teach the customer how to build their reference data in the system such as product types, tests, limits etc. Customers can also be trained on the use of the configuration tools and therefore be involved in the initial configuration process or later when business requirements change. No programming skills are required. This well-proven approach not only means that the system will exactly fit the customer processes and needs, but also that user acceptance is very positive and training needs are kept to a minimum.

Autoscribe customers are encouraged to learn how to use the configuration tools if they are interested in doing so and can be involved in anything from 0 to 100% of the configuration. It is important to note that Autoscribe will support all customer-designed configurations with no extra cost for a support agreement. This configurable approach offers the fit of a custom solution without the problems and costs of on-going support, documentation and upgrades associated with custom systems. 

As the implementation moves towards its conclusion, System Administration training is conducted at a suitable time. Once it is agreed that the configuration is complete, the security and user roles can be defined in the system. The customer completes the reference data loading and Autoscribe delivers the final configured user guide, data dictionary and conducts any user training ordered.

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