Thursday 5 October 2023

Revolutionary fibre optic comms.

ODU develops and produces individual systems as well as standard solutions for medical applications with highest requirements regarding performance and failure protection.

When exchanging information between different participants and devices; communication protocols form the basis, defining different framework conditions for data transfer.

In robot-assisted surgical systems, copper lines quickly reach their physical limits in terms of transmission speed with low latency. This is where fibre optic technology brings numerous advantages that are of vital importance in medical technology. These include:

  • Transmission range
  • Weight reduction
  • EMC compatibility
  • Scalability
  • packing density

ODU’s Expanded Beam Performance is an advanced fibre optic solution what offers high- end transmission characteristics with extremely low loss levels over many mating cycles. The outstanding optical performance remains unchanged even under mechanical stress, environmental influences and harsh ambient conditions.

Since there is no direct contact between the contact ends, Expanded Beam connections are insensitive to contamination and can be easily cleaned. Under normal conditions, cleaning is sufficient up to every 5,000 mating cycles. This ensures reliable transmission without any loss in the signal path.

The robust and very compact style allows configurations of up to twelve fibres on smallest installation space, for example in the ODU MEDI-SNAP®.

The ready-made fibre optic system solution is also available in their  connector series: ODU AMC® Series T, ODU MINI-SNAP® and ODU-MAC®.

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