Wednesday 4 October 2023

Power consumption in plants.

STEGO Elektrotechnik has introduced the Smart Sensor Current ESS 076, which revolutionizes efficiency and spending in industrial plants. This smart sensor offers solutions to a wide range of challenges faced by plant operators. As an IO-Link sensor, the ESS 076 enables the rapid adjustment of parameters and the transmission of real-time data. With its additional 4-20 mA interface, the ESS 076 can be integrated easily into current projects.

Monitoring electricity consumption helps identify inefficient operating conditions and/or energy wastage. The ESS 076 provides accurate measurement of power consumption, enabling plant operators to take action to improve energy efficiency and reduces costs. The sensor, using contactless technology, measures AC currents up to 100 A on cables up to 11.4 mm in diameter to detect power consumption. With its analogue 4-20 mA and digital IO-Link interface, the ESS 076 can be easily integrated into existing systems to collect energy efficiency data. In addition, the sensor directly outputs energy consumption digitally via parameterization of the mains voltage.

Continuous current measurements allow for finer process control and optimization of plant operations. With the ESS 076, manufacturers monitor power consumption in real time and use the data to adjust processes to optimize plant performance and output. Due to the advanced mounting options, existing plants can also be easily retrofitted with it.

Continuous monitoring of electricity consumption enables companies to control the energy costs better and ensure energy savings. The ESS 076 provides precise data that helps to avoid unnecessary expenditure. This is because, with its high-precision measurement technology, the ESS 076 enables real-time monitoring and provides an analysis of the power consumption of facilities to reduce operating costs sustainably. Seamless integration into existing infrastructure enables easy implementation, thereby ensuring no interruption to production in the long term. The collected electricity data from the ESS 076 can be used for decision-making and long-term planning to support investments in energy efficiency projects or capacity expansions.

The ESS 076 from STEGO is the answer to the challenges of energy efficiency, plant optimization and cost control in industrial plants. It enables companies to increase their efficiency and look to the future in an economical and environmentally friendly way.

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