Thursday 5 October 2023

High power, low vibration stepper motors.

EAO Ltd has introduced two new stepper motor drive families with the ability to deliver the higher torque factors necessary to make motion smoother and more precise and slash equipment positioning cycle times.

Developed by motion control specialist Sanyo Denki, the Sanmotion F2 Series of stepper motor drivers target demanding 2- and 5-phase motor control applications (depending on model) in medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, spectrum analyzers and electron microscopes. 

Two variants are available:
• The Sanmotion F2BED200P100 drives stepper motors that use phase currents of up to two-amps. It’s a simple ‘plug & play’ replacement for the popular BS1D200P10 stepper motor driver but delivers up to 33% less vibration in a 7% smaller and 39% lighter frame. 

• The high-power F2BFD400P100 targets equipment that use stepper motors with phase currents between three and four amps, typically 56mm and 86mm assemblies. The F2BFD400P100 driver delivers twice the current compared to the model it replaces. but in a frame that is 12% smaller and 33% lighter.

Both of the new Sanmotion F2 stepper motor drivers offer a range of operating function selections such as pulse input mode, resolution, low vibration mode, operating current, step angle and current at rest, together with a number of alert signals useful for the implementation of a safe motor stop, including overcurrent detection, abnormal power supply voltage and excess temperature. The latest devices are complemented by Sanyo Denki’s PC driver software that facilitates easy setting and adjustment of I/O signals, current value selections and the storage of maintenance notifications.


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