Tuesday 2 August 2022

Advanced features and hardware for gas analyser.

Proven measurement technology for monitoring water content in natural gas gets an upgrade

A new version of the Endress+Hauser J22 TDLAS gas analyser, an update to the initial release in 2021 has been announced. The J22 tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzer continues the tradition established by its predecessor with best-in-class accuracy, a user-friendly interface, integrated diagnostics, and a host of modular hardware.

The latest updates include support for the Modbus TCP/IP protocol, which enables users to communicate with their analysers from a central network location in a bidirectional, secure point-to-point manner. Combined with the addition of a native web server, this enables users to easily monitor, configure, and service the analyser remotely.

“Modularity and increased uptime are functional designs unique to this analyser. The J22 was designed to be almost 100% field serviceable,” said Alan Garza, Endress+Hauser advanced analysis product expert. “The goal is to allow users the freedom to repair their analyzer without the need to send it back to us, giving the customer the ability to decide when and where to service their analyser if needed.”

Enhancements in analyzer interface and hardware
In addition to field-service and Modbus communication, Endress+Hauser implemented a user-friendly web server into the J22, which can be used to configure, service, and optimize the analyser for efficient operation in every process stream. End users can perform these functions from any device with a web browser on the Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet network or connected to the RJ45 service port.

The J22 offers selectable and modular hardware, including:

  • § Membrane separator
  • § Pressure relief valve
  • § Bypass armored flow indicator & control
  • § Analyzer armored flow indicator & control with flow switch
  • § Thermostat
  • § Check valve

“We are always looking for ways to partner with our customers to understand how we can improve their day-to-day processes,” Garza explains. “Our customers provided great feedback on how these enhancements can improve their experience – so we took that and ran with it.”

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